Anonymous Data Entry Portal

This anonymous data entry system dissociates the financial data you provide from your name, by substituting your name for a unique ID, which only you know to be yours. The website does not collect timestamps or any other data linking your identifying information to this ID, and the tool is structured so that even BankFWD staff will not link the asset data you enter with your name. 

How we keep you anonymous

The data you provided us is sent to a backend data store that uses your 4 word key as the identity of the data. Instead of just storing your 4 words, we pre-process those words into a one way code that cannot be reversed.  This is a mathematically complex process (SHA512) that sends data into an output that is called a hash.  This hash becomes the identity key for retrieving the data, and only your 4 words can create this hash. When we store your data, we do so without any record of when or from where it came from. We do this by intentionally avoiding the insertion of this data into the data store. As a result, we cannot determine when data arrives, or from where it came, only that someone provided it, and there is a hash that they might use to retrieve it.  We do store the data in such a way that we can tally the sums into aggregated reports for the purposes of furthering the goals of In other words, the data stored is not encrypted, only the mechanism by which it is identified or retrieved is.  No one, but you, can confirm or revise the data associated with your 4 word key.


Please choose four unrelated words for your unique ID. Make sure to save these words in a safe place, since they will be necessary for you to verify and edit your data in the future.

At any time, you may return to edit your data by going to and entering your unique ID.

Choose four unrelated words for your unique ID
IMPORTANT: Remember to write down or save your unique ID. You will need this to verify and edit your data.
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Have you written down or saved your unique ID? You will need this to verify and edit your data.