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Demonstrating the financial scale of client demand is an essential tool to motivate progress. To that end, we invite you to provide your high-level asset totals either via this form, or by writing us directly at

The financial data you provide will be kept strictly confidential, and will only be used in combination with other submissions to calculate an aggregate sum of assets represented under the BankFWD Pledge either (a) in total, or (b) on a per-bank basis. The resulting asset totals will be used to advocate privately and publicly for Paris-aligned banking policies. Financial data you provide will never be used alone or in association with your name.

While we will never share your name publicly in association with your submission, you may choose a further level of anonymity. For pledge signatories desiring additional privacy regarding their assets, we have built an anonymous data entry system. This system dissociates the information submitted from the name of the person submitting it on the backend. If you’d like to use this option, check the following box and you will be directed to the anonymous data entry portal after signing the pledge.
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BankFWD network members who have significant assets or a unique relationship with a given bank may choose to take a more active role, by leading or joining engagement efforts with fellow clients.
BankFWD is a network of individuals and organizations using their collective wealth and public standing to persuade major banks to lead on climate by phasing out financing for fossil fuels.

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