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 One last request: If you wish for the assets you represent to be invisible even to the BankFWD team, we have built a technology solution that enables you to submit data in a completely anonymous manner. Please consider visiting this link (Anonymous Data Entry Portal) to enter your data – it will not be linked to your name in any way, but will allow us to add your asset data to the total sum of assets committed to Paris-aligned banking.

Thank you for joining the BankFWD Coalition! Together, we can make banks allies in the fight against climate change.

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Recommended Next Steps:

  1. READ the Bank Backgrounder for your Bank(s)
  2. SEND a letter to your bank using the BankFWD template
  3. REQUEST a meeting with your asset manager or bank executive
  4. JOIN a bank-specific sub-group for collective efforts with your bank(s)
  5. RECRUIT new network members via personal outreach and social media
  6. SPEAK OUT publicly via op eds or open letters
  7. TRANSFER assets away from banks that fail to make sufficient progress