BankFWD at COP27

Money in the Bank: The Central Role of Corporate Finance & Baking for Meeting Climate Goals

Corporate cash is not climate neutral. Every company has a financial supply chain that generates emissions that companies must work to decarbonize. Where companies invest and where they bank generates emissions through the financial system and can produce more emissions than their direct operations or their other supply chains, undercutting progress to reach companies’ own climate and other net-zero goals. 

This panel, held at COP27 in the Business Pavilion was moderated by Stephan Nicoleau, Partner and Managing Director, FullCycle and a Board Member of Project Drawdown and featured:

  • Tony Burdon, CEO, Make My Money Matter

  • Deborah Burke, Program Officer, Sustainable Development, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

  • Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Chairman, Carbon Tracker

  • Perrine Toledano, Director of Research and Policy, Columbia University Center for Sustainable Investment  

"@CarbonBubble calculated that the UK fossil fuel industry made £180B (~$215B USD) more than they would have if the industry was estimating its future sales based on truly reducing its emissions & properly accounting for stranded assets."