GreenFin Conference 2023

Put your money where your mouth is by banking green(er)

Banking on Your Values

When we deposit our money with a bank, those banks use our dollars to finance loans to other companies and collect interest.

Where our banks lend our money matters and has consequences for personal and for companies' carbon footprints.

24% of the dollars lent out using our deposits by the U.S.' six biggest banks go to funding carbon-intensive sectors like fossil fuels and companies like Exxon Mobile.

How many emissions does your bank facilitate with your money?

How many emissions can you avoid by moving your money from a large bank to a better, greener one?

Find out now with the Cash Emissions Calculator Tool

*Currently in beta version - version 2.0 coming in September

Calculate Your Money's EmissionsFind Green Banks

Save the Future. Save for Yours.

Green Your 401k

Sphere offers a leading 401(k) climate impact platform.

The average 401(k) has 33x more emissions than the company itself.

Sphere's AtmoSphere tool helps sustainability teams measure the financed emissions from 401(k)s, report those emissions, and learn how to work with benefits teams to reduce those emissions.

The Sphere 500 Climate Fund (SPFFX) invests in the biggest 500 US companies, minus fossil fuel companies. We vote our shares for climate action. We designed this fund to check all the boxes fiduciaries look for in a 401(k) offering.

Measure Your 401k's EmissionsLearn More about Sphere's Climate-Friendly 401k

Talking Points & Tips for All Bank Clients

Engaging Your Bank on Climate

Tips for Talking to your Bank about Climate10 Questions to Ask your Bank